Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day you guys! Some of you are probably sick at the thought of your parents kissing, exchanging flowers, and sharing chocolates. But if you're married, you've probably been stocking candies and confections and carnations and hiding them wherever your spouse won't see. (My suggestion, carnations don't do well in closets.)
Well, hopefully you kids get to eat some chocolate. I'm personally dreaming of chocolate covered strawberries on this very special day.
Anyway, as much as we really don't want to think about lovey-dovey kissy-sissy stuff, we have to endure at least 16-20 hours of it. (My suggestion, get a blindfold). But there's more to this holiday than most of you realize.
According to Wikipedia (which most schools don't recommend as a credible source, fyi) this is the true story of Valentine's day.

Testimonial Tuesday, Feb. 13

Hey guys, welcome to Testimonial Tuesday! Each week, we give you a powerful story about how King's Ransom is changing lives in Nicaragua and around the world! Zella Books is helping that mission. Our goal this year is to raise 5,000 dollars for a single-family home in Nicaragua. We hope you join us!

Today's testimonial comes from Diane M.:

My husband Kevin and I just finished raising the money for our 3 house goal! We are so grateful to be a part of this vision, and to save lives, and create hope for future generations!

~Diane M.

Awesome Diane, thanks for sharing! See you next Tuesday for another Testimonial!